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Teenagers who watch popular TV shows like The X Factor eat 270 more calories a week because of junk food adverts

Daily Mail Junk food adverts shown during family television shows like the X Factor could be tempting children to eat extra calories. Research suggests teenagers consume an additional 270 calories a week for every advert for unhealthy food or drink they remembered seeing on television, above a weekly average of six junk food adverts. Read more…

Should Canada ban junk food ads aimed at kids?

Cantech Letter “Where total bans of the commercial marketing of foods and beverages to children are not introduced, a relatively stringent and mandatory nutrient profile model that uses clearly defined categories and exemptions, and that is consistent with other nutrition-related policies in the jurisdiction (e.g., front-of-package labeling system), should be considered,” [the study authors] write. […]

Bill to restrict junk food ads worth the heat: MP

Winnipeg Free Press A Winnipeg MP expects to be criticized for getting behind a proposed ban on the advertising of unhealthy snacks and drinks to children. “I expect a lot of opposition, but our diabetes and obesity rates are skyrocketing,” said Winnipeg Liberal MP Doug Eyolfson, who is shepherding a Conservative senator’s bill through the House […]