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Grocery stores and Canadians are bulking up on ultra-processed foods

The Star “In the 1960s, the biggest supermarkets only carried 10,000 items or fewer. Big supermarkets today offer almost 40,000 products. Among those extra items are more kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables and nonfood items — but not 30,000. The vast majority of the additional food items are a huge range of ready-to-eat products, from […]

Federal Government Proposes Another New Tax

PortageOnline The Federal Government has been approached by several health organizations about the negative effects sugary drinks are having on the health of Canadians… The Heart and Stroke Foundation is proposing a five cent federal tax per hundred milliliters on sugar-sweetened beverages, saying such a levy would be a sustainable source of tax revenue that […]

Today’s letters: Protect kids with ad ban and bravo to faith-based care

Ottawa Citizen – Editorial Board Healthy nutrition and creating the circumstances for healthy choices about the foods and beverages we consume is a big food issue. Kudos to Health Minister Jane Philpott for her vision of a bold, needed strategy to address an individual’s nutrition knowledge and skills, as well as improving the food environment. Read […]

Canadians drink sugary drinks, suffer health consequences

Radio Canada International Canadians would back a tax on sugary drinks if the proceeds were used to fund health initiatives, according to public opinion research. The World Health Organization (WHO) today said countries should use tax policy to increase the price of sodas, sports drinks and all fruit juices in an effort to stem obesity, […]

New Senate bill takes aim at junk food ads directed at kids

CTV News A proposed amendment to Canada’s Food and Drugs Act would ban the advertising and sales of junk food and sugary drinks to children under the age of 13. “Legislation will protect kids, support parents as they teach their children healthy habits, and ensure all companies have to play by the same rules. We urge the government to move quickly […]