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Happy Meal: Lawsuit

CTV Montreal McDonald’s is the subject of a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that McDonald’s marketing to children violates Quebec’s Consumer Protection Laws. Segment includes interview with Coalition member, Corinne Voyer, Director of Coalition Poids. Additional Coverage: Huffington Post

Junk Food Marketing to Kids

CTV Winnipeg Great interview with Amanda Nash, a registered Dietitian with the Heart & Stroke. Highlights the frequency and impact of unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children, recent research by Monique Potvin Kent (shared last week), as well as the importance of Bill S-228 and the Healthy Eating Strategy. Sample Tweet: Retweet Heart & […]

More than music: Raffi brings his dedication to children to Sacramento

Sacramento Bee Raffi featured in The Sacramento Bee discussing respecting young children and not exploiting their inability to understand marketing tactics In recent years, Raffi has turned down “a movie deal, TV shows and commercial endorsements after learning they would be directly marketed at children” Read full article here… Sample Tweet: .@Raffi_RC “[children are] not […]

Your Kid’s Apps Are Crammed With Ads

New York Times  A new study by Dr. Jenny Radesky, assistant professor of developmental behavioral pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School, found advertising present in almost all of the most downloaded apps for children ages five and younger, many of which appear to violate the F.T.C. rules regarding unfair and deceptive advertising. “In […]

Canadian kids see thousands of ads for unhealthy food on social media: study

CTV  “Nearly three-quarters of Canadian children are exposed to food marketing while using popular social media apps, a new study from the University of Ottawa found.” The study found that children see almost 6,000 ads per year on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube), the majority of which promote “ultra-processed foods and beverages high in […]

Open Letter: Federal Government Healthy Eating Strategy

The Hill Times An open letter addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed by the Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Medical Association, Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada, Diabetes Canada and Heart & Stroke The letter congratulates Prime Minister for efforts on Healthy Eating Strategy and urging the federal government to complete the commitment to the […]

Time Spent by children online linked to requests for junk food

Medicalxpress United Kingdom researchers conducted a study that found that young children who spend more than half an hour a day online were almost twice as likely to pester their parents for junk food. The study, published on October 17, 2018, also found that “primary school children who spent more than three hours on the […]

Canada’s artificial trans fats ban comes into effect

Health Canada announced earlier this week that it’s ban on artificial trans fats in food products is now in effect, as of Monday, September 17, 2018. Its is now illegal for Canadian food manufacturers to add artificial trans fats to any food sold in Canada. This includes imported foods as well as in any meals prepared in restaurants. The ban targets partially hydrogenated oils, or […]