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Grocery stores and Canadians are bulking up on ultra-processed foods

Toronto Star Far too many products on store shelves are giving us lots of calories but little nutrition “In the past 70 years, calories from ultra-processed foods have doubled from 24 per cent to 54 per cent of family food purchases,” writes Jean-Claude Moubarac. “Not surprisingly, most of these foods are branded assertively, packaged attractively […]

Doctors call for ‘Quit Smoking-style’ ads to tackle obesity rates

9 News Australia Australia’s peak medical body is calling for shock advertising, similar to ‘Quit Smoking’ ads, to be used to curb climbing obesity rates. With the country facing an obesity crisis, confronting images like those used in the successful national anti-smoking campaign are among the novel tactics the Australian Medical Association (AMA) believes could […]

Doritos, are you telling my daughter to shut up?

Today’s Parent | Blog: Ceri Marsh The cheesy chip company is developing a “women-friendly chip” that’s quieter and tidier. Let’s not mistake it for anything other than fast food trying to profit on the societally-imposed insecurities of girls and women. Read full blog in Today’s Parent…