Junk food ads are targeting your kids—here’s how to stop it

Today’s Parent

“The food industry puts billions of dollars into marketing because they know it works,” says Manuel Arango, director of health policy and advocacy for Heart & Stroke. Marketing executives strategize with researchers and psychologists to collect in-depth knowledge on how to entice your kids to buy or eat more of a product.

We’ll know more about Health Canada’s regulations next year and they’re expected to come into force in 2020, but if you want to make your kids less vulnerable to junk food marketing now, try teaching them to think critically about the ads they see. Read more…

A reality check on the debate over regulating food marketing to kids


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff writes on industry myths around regulating food and beverage marketing to kids.

Please have a read and help shed light on the inaccurate claims by industry and opposing members.

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Should Canada ban junk food ads aimed at kids?

Cantech Letter

“Where total bans of the commercial marketing of foods and beverages to children are not introduced, a relatively stringent and mandatory nutrient profile model that uses clearly defined categories and exemptions, and that is consistent with other nutrition-related policies in the jurisdiction (e.g., front-of-package labeling system), should be considered,” [the study authors] write. Read more…

Bill to restrict junk food ads worth the heat: MP

Winnipeg Free Press
A Winnipeg MP expects to be criticized for getting behind a proposed ban on the advertising of unhealthy snacks and drinks to children. “I expect a lot of opposition, but our diabetes and obesity rates are skyrocketing,” said Winnipeg Liberal MP Doug Eyolfson, who is shepherding a Conservative senator’s bill through the House of Commons. Read more… 

Access to healthy food still a struggle, says Canada’s health minister

Vancouver Sun

Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor delivers the keynote address at the 2017 Canadian Cardiovascular Conference in Vancouver Saturday; discussing the holistic, robust approach outlined in the Health Eating Strategy. Read more here… 

Minister Petitpas Taylor to mark the one-year anniversary of the Healthy Eating Strategy

News Wire
Canada is facing a diet-related chronic disease crisis. To address this issue, the Government of Canada is implementing a comprehensive Healthy Eating Strategy that aims to make healthier food choices easier for Canadians and improve the quality of the foods they have to choose from. Read more…

Why Canada needs a tax on sugary drinks — now

Jamie Oliver | The Globe and Mail

“To take personal responsibility you need two things: truth and choice. That means the right information to make informed decisions about what you eat – and the right access, to choose the good stuff when you want it.

 Right now, no country has got this right. Kids are bombarded with junk-food messages, food labels are confusing, junk food is cheap and in many places healthier food is harder to find”. Read more… 

Food fight: Health Canada, advertisers argue over protecting kids from junk food ads

CBC News 

Heart and Stroke’s Lesley James talks to CBC News about the marketing to kids landscape and the needs to robust regulation; applauding Health Canada for its position steps forward. 

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Pressure mounts to ban junk food marketing to children

Radio Canada International
Dr. Jan Hux, chief science officer at Diabetes Canada, a member of the Stop M2K Coalition, interviewed on M2K and the Canadian Government`s online public consultation on marketing to kids.
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