Food industry failing at voluntary sodium reduction: Health Canada

Trail Times

Voluntary sodium targets for the food industry have failed to significantly reduce the amount of salt consumers are getting in processed foods, suggesting additional measures are needed, Health Canada says.

Four years ago, the federal department introduced phased-in targets for cutting sodium in 94 categories of processed food, with the goal of meeting that objective by the end of 2016.

But a Health Canada report shows the food industry made no meaningful progress in curtailing salt levels in 45 of those categories (48 per cent) — based on a 2017 evaluation of about 10,500 sample products. In six of those categories, sodium content actually increased. Read full article…

International News: Australian Medical Association wants tax on sugary drinks and ban on junk food ads

The Guardian

The Australian Medical Association has called for a tax on sugary drinks to tackle obesity and for water to be the “default beverage option” with meals. In a position paper, released on Sunday, the AMA backed a number of measures to decrease obesity including banning junk food ads targeted at children.

“Advertising and marketing unhealthy food and drink to children should be prohibited altogether, and the loophole that allows children to be exposed to junk food and alcohol advertising during coverage of sporting events must be closed,” the president of the AMA, Michael Gannon, said in a statement on Sunday.

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Act banning food advertising to children ‘extremely important,’ says prof

CBC News

Professor Jennifer Tayor at UPEI says a Senate bill looking to ban food and beverage marketing directed at children may be an essential piece of legislation in reducing childhood obesity and disease. Read here…
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‘We know that children have changed the way they eat, just getting them to move is not enough.” UPEI nutrition professor says Bill S-228 is “extremely important” #Marketing2Kids
“Jennifer Taylor, a food and nutrition professor at UPEI, said the bill is “extremely important” in banning junk food ads and combating chronic disease and childhood obesity.”#Marketing2Kids

Legislation barring food marketing for kids likely to pass in new year

National Post Eyolfson, a medical doctor from Winnipeg, said he is “quite confident” the legislation will pass in 2018, noting it will help ensure foods high in fat, salt and sugar can’t be marketed to children — a vulnerable demographic. “We know that advertising works in all age groups and that when you establish behaviour […]

Montreal wants to phase out sugary drinks in city buildings

CBC News

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante’s administration is backing a plan to phase out sugary drinks in city buildings, such as at arenas and pools. Read more here…

Teenagers who watch popular TV shows like The X Factor eat 270 more calories a week because of junk food adverts

Daily Mail

Junk food adverts shown during family television shows like the X Factor could be tempting children to eat extra calories.

Research suggests teenagers consume an additional 270 calories a week for every advert for unhealthy food or drink they remembered seeing on television, above a weekly average of six junk food adverts. Read more…

Access to healthy food still a struggle, says Canada’s health minister

The Province

Petitpas Taylor said despite numerous health campaigns, Canadians are still eating too much processed food laden with salt, fat and sugar. Under the strategy, the government is hoping to put new warning symbols on the front of processed foods high in fat, salt and sugar…. And, she said her government will support a bill before the House of Commons on unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children 16 years and younger. Read more…

Nancy Greene Raine: Time to crack down on junk-food ads that target kids

The Province
Senator Nancy Greene Raine argues “[p]arents should be the last line of defence — not the only line of defence”. Read more here… 

Toronto school’s battle against childhood obesity begins in the kitchen.

The Globe and Mail
At Etobicoke’s Thistletown Collegiate, students learn about healthy eating by growing and cooking their own food. This is part of the school’s approach to tackling childhood obesity. Read more here…

Scotland to tackle obesity through marketing restrictions

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon states government will “take forward a new strategy to tackle obesity, including measures to restrict the marketing of foods that are high in fat, sugar or salt”. Read more…