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Is the hunt for a white chocolate Creme Egg making Britain’s kids obese?

The Guardian  Cadbury’s Easter promotion has been criticized for encouraging children to eat hundreds of chocolates – and then there’s the row over their attempt to get kids active. The National Obesity Forum has attacked Cadbury for its promotion. “We should be trying to wean children off sugar,” said the NOF chairman, Tam Fry, “not […]

How Fast Food Advertisements Get Under Your Skin, Whether You Realize It Or Not

Huffington Post  Studies show how ads can trigger the reward center of the brain, and it starts during childhood. Jennifer Harris, director of marketing initiatives at the University of Connecticut’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity said  “There are strong emotional associations that have been created through advertisements and other means. Children recognize brands […]

Freedhoff: Canada’s Senate must pass bill that restricts food marketing to kids

Ottawa Citizen OpEd by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff addressing industry myths around Bill S-228 and provide the facts. Read OpEd here… Sample Tweets for Dr. Yoni Freedhof OpEd English:”Bill S-228 has been studied, it has been through all of the proper channels & it is just waiting for a final vote.” @YoniFreedhoff’s op-ed on myths & […]

It’s time to bring food marketing bill to a vote in the Senate

iPolitics | Le Devior Great OpEd by Senator Dean, outlining challenges experienced in getting bills such as Bill S-228 passed, despite the bill undergoing extensive debate and having wide approval. Read Ottawa Citizen OpEd here | Read Le Devior OpEd here… Sample Tweets English: “Our children are at special risk because so many have spent their […]

How Big Tobacco Hooked Kids on Sugary Drinks

The New York Times Researchers combing through archives discovered that cigarette makers had applied their marketing wizardry to sweetened beverages and turned generations of children into loyal customers. “Using child-tested flavors, cartoon characters, branded toys and millions of dollars in advertising, the companies cultivated loyalty to sugar-laden products that health experts said had greatly contributed […]

Children face growing deluge of junk food ads online, public health experts warn

Telegraph UK The World Health Organization warns that as advertisers face tighter regulation on traditional media they are moving to the less-regulated world of social media and mobile devices, where advertisements are more difficult to monitor or track. Read full article here… Read the WHO report here (English only)

Social media being used by growing number of children under 11 

Independent UK  Study shows that 18 percent of eight to 11-year-olds had a profile on a social media network despite most having registration restrictions for children under 13. View full report: Ofcom UK: Why children spend time online Read full article here…