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Tell Food Industry Our Kids are Not Their Business

On January 6, 2008, I lost a vibrant, healthy and much loved 15-year-old son.  I believe a contributing cause to his death was consumption of an energy drink sample at a sporting event.  You can read more about my son’s death on my facebook awareness page. Industry marketed directly to my son. Since then, I […]

The Dangers of Marketing to Kids Makes Waves on Parliament Hill

Our children and youth are bombarded with ads for unhealthy foods and beverages all day, every day. These ads are influencing their food and beverage choices, and having a devastating effect on their health. This Valentine’s Day, we met with more than 60 Members of Parliament and Senators to discuss the dangers of marketing to […]

Children don’t need a daily diet of junk-food ads

March 7, 2017 The Globe and Mail Andre Picard Young people today spend a lot of time staring at screens – immersed in video games, websites, social media, even old-fashioned TV – and during that time they are often bombarded with advertising, almost all of it for junk food. On TV shows aimed at kids, […]

Take the Fight Out of Food

Support Parents to Raise Healthy, Happy and Mindful Eaters As a registered dietitian and mom of three, my hope is to raise healthy, happy and mindful eaters, and to help nurture their relationships with food in a positive way. I want my kids to be able to strike a healthy balance between nutrition, and pleasure […]

Coca-Cola Knows Santa Sells

Growing up on the Canadian Prairies, I’ve always found December magical —blankets of powdery white snow, clear starry skies, and glittering layers of frost. To many children’s delight, it’s also filled with snow angels, twinkling lights, and excited anticipation for the arrival of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a legendary icon for Canadian children. His […]

The Sport Diet: Food and Beverage Marketing in Public Recreation Facilities

Like many Canadians, you probably watched at least a few moments of the 2016 Olympic Games. You might remember Penny Oleksiak winning gold, silver, and bronze. You probably also recall advertisements for Olympic partners, like Coca-Cola. What might be less obvious is food marketing in sports centres close to home. Researchersi recently measured food and beverage […]

The Marketing Map: Where Does Your Child See Food and Beverage Marketing?

Driving down the street passing a KFC sign, my 2-year old niece announced to her mom that she wanted to go to “the chicken house”. Her mom was surprised at the request because she had never taken her daughter there, nor talked about the restaurant, and her daughter rarely watched television commercials. Yet, my niece […]