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Cereal numbers may be deceiving

Reuters (appeared in the Montreal Gazette) Parents may allow kids to eat too much sugary breakfast cereal because the suggested serving size is smaller than they realize, a new U.S. study suggests. The cereals with the most sugar also tend to have child-oriented marketing such as mascots, games, colours and fun shapes, researchers found in […]

The scoop on Unilever’s new marketing commitments

Strategy Magazine Strategy magazine looks at Unilever’s decision to stop marketing and advertising foods and beverages to children under the age of 12 in traditional media, and below the age of 13 on social media. The article features an interview with Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition co-chair Manuel Arango. Read the article here

‘Broad support’ for taxes on unhealthy food in Germany

Food Navigator In an online survey, researchers from the Marketing for Food and Agricultural Products research group at the University of Gottingen asked consumers about various measures currently under discussion, such as advertising bans on children’s food with high sugar content, or sugar and soft drink taxes.  Overall, 60% of those surveyed were in favour […]

Path from junk food to poor decisions drawn by Western University researchers

The London Free Press In a paper published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health this month, researchers found that too many calorie-dense foods can lead to changes in the part of the brain that controls self-regulation, decision-making and reward-seeking. Adolescence, the researchers found, is a time of “dual susceptibility,” when teens are still developing […]

Are Foods Labeled ‘Low Sugar’ Misleading Consumers?

New York Times A recent study that examined millions of grocery store purchases in the United States found that dubious claims about sugar, salt and fat were common. Many fruit juices that claimed to be low in sugar, for example, tended to have added sugars and more sugar than comparable juices with no claims on […]