Canada’s artificial trans fats ban comes into effect

Health Canada announced earlier this week that it’s ban on artificial trans fats in food products is now in effect, as of Monday, September 17, 2018. Its is now illegal for Canadian food manufacturers to add artificial trans fats to any food sold in Canada. This includes imported foods as well as in any meals prepared in restaurants.

The ban targets partially hydrogenated oils, or PHOs, which are the main source of industrially produced trans fats in all foods sold in Canada. As noted by Manual Arango, Director of Health Policy & Advocacy at Heart & Stroke “Trans fats cause a three-fold increase in the risk of death from heart disease and the ban is expected to cut that risk down… The government has made a decision that the shelf-life of Canadians is more important than the shelf-life of croissants”.

This ban is consistent with global efforts and an important component of Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, which aims to make the healthier choice the easier choice for people living in Canada.

See below for interviews with Manuel Arango, Director of Policy and Promotion at Heart & Stroke.

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