Coalition Poids: Review Food Advertising Children in Quebec

Coalition Poids Study

Coalition Poids released their study to show how much marketing to kids is still present in Quebec.  Quebec’s Loi sur la protection du consommateur du Québec, prohibits advertising aimed at children, but excludes packaging, displays and display cases.  Coalition Poids’ study found that more than 90% of products with characters and images targeting children in grocery stores are for ultra-processed food.
You can read the press release here (French), English content here, and media coverage in Le Journal de Montreal here.


The Child Health Protect Act: advocacy must continue

An article by Nancy Greene Raine and Dr. Norm Campbell outlining the fate of Bill S-228 and why protecting our children from marketing of unhealthy foods must remain a priority this election Read here..

HFSS promotions in Scotland to be restricted

Food Navigator

In its latest annual Programme for Government published last week, the Scottish Government included measures to bring forward a bill restricting the promotion and marketing of food and drink high in fat, salt and saturated fat. The proposed bill will also aim to protect children, plans to extend current restrictions for non-broadcast advertising of HFSS food and drink. Read more here.

Are food politics defeating Canada’s healthy eating strategy?

CBC News
An article that discusses the effect industry lobbying has had on marketing to kid restrictions and front of package labelling, two pillars of the Liberal Government’s healthy eating strategy. Read here

Junk food and kids: Canadian paediatricians want marketing bill passed

Radio-Canada International

Dr. Andrew Lynk explains the bill and the urgency to get it passed before summer recess. However if the bill doesn’t pass then he says paediatricians will renew their efforts to get the bill re-instated and passed.  The health implications for Canada are too important to let the situation continue. Listen to interview.

CBC Radio Interviews with Canadian Paediatricians on Bill S-228

CBC Radio
Interviews with Dr. Tom Warshawski co-chair of the Stop M2K Coalition and Dr. Andrew Lynk Chair Pediatrics Dalhousie University.
Interviews in support of Bill S-228 on 24 CBC radio stations across the country. You can listen to Dr. Tom Warshawski at 2:11 on CBC Ontario Morning here and Dr. Andrew Lynk on Edmonton AM here.

Munter: We are letting our kids eat themselves sick

Ottawa Citizen

Alex Munter, president and CEO of CHEO, the national capital’s pediatric health centre wrote an op-ed highlighting the link between obesity and chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, and the need to stop bombarding children with ads for food and beverages high in salt, sugar, and saturated fats. Read full OpEd here.
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Senators working to block bill that restricts food and drink ads aimed at children

The Globe and Mail

A bill that would restrict food and beverage advertising aimed at kids is facing the possibility of a quiet death in the Senate after taking nearly three years to make its way through Parliament. Read article here.

Senate must act to block harmful marketing to kids

Winnipeg Free Press

An OpEd from Yves Savoie and Peter Mansbridge highlighting delays in the passage of Bill S-228, jeopardizing legislation that would bring all of Canada into step with similar restrictions in many other jurisdictions, including, for almost 40 years, Quebec. Read full article here.

The ban on marketing junk food to kids might not happen after all

Today’s Parent

“Parents, we’re powerless against big food companies. But as a collective voice, we can stand together for the rights of our kids and speak up”.

“Bill S-228 has been raised on the Senate floor four times, but the final vote hasn’t happened because it’s been adjourned all four times by request of a senator. That’s because the food industry is putting pressure on senators to stop the bill from becoming law. Parents aren’t supposed to know about this, but thankfully, CBC News shared a confidential letter written by industry groups, asking senators to continue to “withhold your concurrence” on Bill S-228″. Read full OpEd here

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