Eleventh-hour lobbying by industry could kill law banning food marketing to kids

CBC News

“It’s a cliff-hanging, nail-biting ending that nobody saw coming. What’s at stake is a law that would protect children from being targeted with advertising for foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt.

But the legislation (Bill S-228) has been caught in a late-stage drama in the halls of the Canadian Senate, where a powerful coalition of advertisers, food processors, and retailers is in the midst of an eleventh-hour lobby campaign”. Read full article here

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How Senate can work across party lines to stop the marketing of junk food to children

The Province

A great article by Dr. Tom Warshawski (Chair, Childhood Obesity Foundation) and Yves Savoie (CEO, Heart and Stroke) highlighting the bipartisan journey of Bill S-228, Senate’s delay and what’s at stake. (originally published in the Hill Times on 16 April 2019).
Excerpt: “The Senate has the choice of either protecting the health of our children by passing Bill S-228 in a timely manner or protecting the interests of the industry food lobby by continuing to delay its passage… The bill is a perfect example of how a non-partisan Senate can use its plentiful resources to study a problem, propose solutions and then introduce strong legislation that supports the government’s mandate. This is the Senate at its best”. Read full OpEd here

Majority of supermarket foods targeted to Canadian kids aren’t healthy, UCalgary research finds

UCalgary News
A new study led by Dr. Charlene Elliott evaluating 374 food products sold in Calgary supermarkets shows the majority of those targeted to kids would not be permitted for marketing to kids under new policies being considered by the federal government. Read uCalgary news here

Read the study here

Opinion: Two crucial next steps so the new Food Guide can really help Canadians eat better

Op-ed by Dr. Andrew Pipe and Yves Savoie, applauding Health Canada for the modern, free-of-industry-influence on Canada’s new Food Guide. The OpEd highlights the two remaining critical components: 1) restrictions on marketing to children and 2) front-of-pack nutrition labels. 

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Time to protect our kids from sugary foods and drinks

Winnipeg Free Press
Amanda Nash, Registered Dietitian and the health promotion and nutrition manager for Heart & Stroke Manitoba highlights the dangers of foods and beverages high in salt, saturated fat and sugar and the need for Canada’s Health Eating Strategy. Read article here

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‘Big Juice’ under pressure from push back against high-sugar beverages

CBC News

“Big Juice” has been pushing back by lobbying federal ministers and decision makers “unintended consequences” of an industry that’s “under threat.” Currently, Canada’s  Food Guide advises a half cup of juice as being the same as a serving of fruit or vegetables. Manuel Arango, Director of Health Police at Heart and Stroke says, “Equating a fruit with a glass of juice is just bananas”. Read article here

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Opinion: Education, tougher standards can help end diabetes epidemic

Montreal Gazette 

Opinion piece from Jan Hux, MD, is President and CEO, Diabetes Canada. “Canadians desperately need help to optimize their health. The establishment of the federal Healthy Eating Strategy (HES) is a step in the right direction.” Benefits of front-of-package labelling, the new food guide, and Bill S-228 are briefly discussed.

Read article here

Open Letter: Passage of Bill S-228 – restricting marketing of junk food to children

Hill Times

An Open Letter addressed to Canadian Senators from Heart and Stroke signed by a group of medical doctors, public health and nutrition experts.

Except: “As a group of medical doctors, public health and nutrition experts concerned about the millions of children living in Canada that will be affected by diet-related disease we are writing to express our support for the speedy passage of Bill S-228. This legislation proposes to restrict the marketing of junk foods to children 12 years and under and was spearheaded by your former Senate colleague Nancy Greene Raine…

Many Senators have heard pleas from the food and beverage industry, however, it’s important that we speak up for those that this legislation will protect; our children. Let’s be clear about the facts: Read full letter here


Canadian Common Sense – Bill S-228

Global News Radio

A great interview with one of our Coalition’s Co-Chairs, Dr. Tom Warshawski talking about the concerns around food and beverage marketing to children and the Senate delay. Listen here… 
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Is the food industry still calling the shots in formulating healthy eating regulations?

Blog: Enlightened Eater – Rosie Schwarts, RD

Consulting Dietitian and Writer, Rosie Schwartz addresses the troubling industry involvement in the Health Eating Strategy and the federal government’s responsiveness to their tactics.  Read here… 

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