Coalition praises new bill to stop food and beverage marketing to kids

Bill C-252 undergoing second reading debate

Ottawa, ON – May 6, 2022 – The Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition commends Patricia Lattanzio, Member of Parliament for Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel, as she moves Bill C-252 to second reading today in the House of Commons. Private Member’s Bill C-252 aims to prohibit the marketing of food and beverages high in sugar, saturated fats or sodium to children under 13 years of age. Currently, marketing to children in Canada (outside of Quebec) is predominately governed by industry self-regulation, exposing children to excessive levels of food and beverage advertising.

“Industry self-regulation has not worked,” says Dr. Tom Warshawski, Coalition Co-Chair and Childhood Obesity Foundation Chair. “We need legislation to protect kids, support parents as they teach their children healthy habits, and ensure all companies must play by the same rules. We urge Parliament to move quickly to make this a reality.”

Each year in Canada $1.1 billion is spent marketing foods and beverages to kids. Over 90% of food and beverage ads viewed by kids online and on TV are for products containing high amounts of sugar, saturated fat or sodium.

“Marketing to kids works. It builds brand loyalty and impacts the foods kids eat,” says Manuel Arango, Coalition Co-Chair and Heart & Stroke Director of Health Policy and Advocacy. “Children deserve to be protected from harmful marketing tactics that negatively influence their food preferences.”

Bill C-252 passed first reading three months earlier on February 9, 2022. If Bill C-252 passes second reading today, it will go to the Standing Committee on Health for further study and consultation.

Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition:
The Stop Marketing to Kids (Stop M2K) Coalition was founded by Heart & Stroke in collaboration with the Childhood Obesity Foundation in 2014. The Stop M2K Coalition is made up of 10 non-governmental organizations with written endorsement from dozens of additional organizations and individuals. Our vision is a future for Canada where children and parents make nutritious food choices in an environment free of influence from food and beverage marketing to children.

Coalition Members:
• Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention
• BC Alliance for Healthy Living
• Canadian Cancer Society
• Canadian Dental Association
• Childhood Obesity Foundation (founding member)
• Diabetes Canada
• Food Secure Canada
• Heart & Stroke (founding member)
• Quebec Coalition on Weight Related Problems

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