It’s time to bring food marketing bill to a vote in the Senate

iPolitics | Le Devior
Great OpEd by Senator Dean, outlining challenges experienced in getting bills such as Bill S-228 passed, despite the bill undergoing extensive debate and having wide approval. Read Ottawa Citizen OpEd here | Read Le Devior OpEd here

Sample Tweets

English: “Our children are at special risk because so many have spent their lives eating highly processed foods and are vulnerable to certain types of advertising.” @TonyDean_TO’s op-ed on Bill S-228 in @ipoliticsca  @SenateCA call a vote and stop #Marketing2Kids

French: “Les enfants sont bombardés de publicités de produits de faible qualité nutritive, et ce, sur divers fronts.” @TonyDean_TO sur le projet de loi S-228 dans @LeDevoir. @SenatCA adoptez #BillS228 et restreindre les #PubDestinéeAuxEnfants