Inside Halton | July 6, 2018


“Marketing is a huge industry. Marketing to children, of unhealthy choices, is affecting their preferences, their family relationships and their long-term health. Watch any documentary about the sugar industry (e.g. Fed Up, Sugar Coated) and you will quickly learn the hold that the food industry has on our lives.”
“It is hard to fight the prevalence of marketing in our lives, but being aware of it is a first step. What can you do to reduce the effects of marketing to children? Visit for a list of ways to influence policy in Canada. At home, reduce and monitor screen time for children; cook real food at home and involve your children in cooking; read labels and do not get influenced by marketing of products to kids; just because the package says, “safe for school” or “contains real fruit” does not mean it is a healthy choice for children. Instead, choose foods from Canada’s Food Guide with a focus on vegetables, fruit and whole grains”