What’s so bad about processed foods? Scientists offer clues

CTV News
Three recent studies offer more clues on how our increasingly industrialized food supply may be affecting our health, they also underscore how difficult nutrition science and advice can be. Distinguishing which processed foods might be better or worse is increasingly difficult as companies continually re-engineer products to make them seem more wholesome. Read full article here.

Is it time to treat sugar like smoking?

BBC News

In the UK sugary drinks are already taxed – and now a leading think tank suggests sweets, snacks and sugary drinks should be wrapped in plain packaging to make them less appealing, given their excess consumption. Read full article

Sugar tax, prominent labels reduce sugar consumption, Ontario study suggests

Toronto Star

A University of Waterloo study suggests that taxes on sugary products and labels on the front of packages can help reduce sugar consumption. The study, which included more than 3,500 people aged 13 and over on their purchasing behaviour last spring, also found that taxes could have the greatest impact if 100 percent fruit juice was included in reduction efforts. Read article here.
Read the study here

Stressed Parents Make Unhealthy Food Choices for Children

The Swaddle
Stressed-out people make bad food decisions, eating higher-calorie foods and eating more often. Stressed-out parents may be making those unhealthy choices for the children who depend on their judgment, new research finds. Read more

rooklyn BP wants to ban the Kool-Aid man and other junk food icons from ads on city property

New York Daily News

Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams highlights the inconsistency with banning cigarette and alcohol ads on city property while allowing ads for foods that contribute to unhealthy diets that lead to chronic disease among young people and adults. Read more

Sugary Beverage Consumption Linked to Increased Mortality in US Adults

Docwire News

These results suggest higher consumption of sugary beverages is associated with increased mortality. An important takeaway from the study is that consumption of 100% fruit juice should be reduced and not just sugar sweetened beverages.
Read the study here
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Mum’s clever campaign to stop food packaging lies


A mum in Australia has started a petition to introduce plain-language packaging that, at a glance, tells you exactly what you’re buying, modelled on plain packaging for cigarettes which was introduced in Australia in 2012. Read full article here

This is Your Brain on Ads: How Mass Marketing Affects Our Minds


Radio piece on the shelf life of commercials. According to University of Arizona researcher Merrie Brucks, an ad we watched when we were five years old can influence our buying behaviour when we’re fifty!

The Ads That Kids Shouldn’t See

The University of Toronto Magazine

Professor Mary L’Abbé, who conducts research into the nutritional quality of packaged and restaurant food, talks to deputy editor Stacey Gibson about the disturbing consequences of marketing unhealthy fare to kids.
Excerpt: “We want more of the onus to be put on the system rather than the individual to find the healthiest food. A parent goes into a grocery store with two children in tow and, with limited time, tries to pick out the healthiest foods while being bombarded by advertisements. It’s a hard job, and we want to help minimize the struggle”.

Simple way to inoculate teens against junk food advertising

Science Daily

Researchers find diets improve when tapping adolescents’ desire to rebel; teenage boys cut back junk food purchases by 31 percent. Read here