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The Ads That Kids Shouldn’t See

The University of Toronto Magazine Professor Mary L’Abbé, who conducts research into the nutritional quality of packaged and restaurant food, talks to deputy editor Stacey Gibson about the disturbing consequences of marketing unhealthy fare to kids. Excerpt: “We want more of the onus to be put on the system rather than the individual to find […]

How Senate can work across party lines to stop the marketing of junk food to children

The Province A great article by Dr. Tom Warshawski (Chair, Childhood Obesity Foundation) and Yves Savoie (CEO, Heart and Stroke) highlighting the bipartisan journey of Bill S-228, Senate’s delay and what’s at stake. (originally published in the Hill Times on 16 April 2019). Excerpt: “The Senate has the choice of either protecting the health of […]